The frontier of the future,
the window to the past



Creating the history of NFT’s in real-time.

A new generation of digital-native audiences have emerged. Needs and preferences have changed and technologies now allow for the digitalisation of experiences.


In essence: Value has gone digital. 


Creating value around content, experiences and connections is the most effective way to communicate your value proposition clearly,  ensuring it wins attention, engages specific audiences that fits your communities agenda whilst providing revenue.


Our philosophy is one of collaboration and accountability by creating great consumer experiences based in the blockchain. We embrace your brand vision and goals for complete digital synergy.

Our mission is to create
engagements that give rise
to emotion, inspire action
and change behaviours.

The nftie position

Nftie resides strategically on the intersection between NFT’s, brands, events and experiences.


We specialise in NFT brand positioning and campaigns that get noticed. 


Brands need to think more deeply how to create more meaningful and long-term experiences and relationships with communities.


Why all the hype?

NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the next generation of unique and identifiable digital assets.


NFT’s will change the way brands, artists and IP interact with their fans, followers with new and existing communities.


They will define how brands engage with audiences, how they consume content and by connecting consumers, talent and brands through digital and live experiences it will keep that relationship fresh.

NFT’s also provide interactive utilities that can unlock benefits (rewards, experiences, exclusive content) with the ability to trade/exchange peer-to-peer over the internet.


NFTs allow you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and  keep track of who owns them using the blockchain. 

Our Services

If you have an audience to engage, we can guarantee one thing – you’ll have been inundated with information about how to use technology and NFT’s to revolutionise the customer experience / event / connection.


We will lead on the development of a unique vision and strategy in order to develop, market, and build a community around each unique NFT project.

We do the work for you!



Our Founders


Darran Garnham

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Darran Garnham is a serial entrepreneur focused on digital technology, licensing and entertainment.

With over two decades in global licensing and merchandising his experience is vast from advising / building studios to $1bn+ retail sales and running Universal Studios EMEA operations.


A seed investor in Calm ($2bn valuation), SuperAwesome (exit to EPIC Games) and various other tech companies.

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Rob Morrison

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For over two decades Rob Morrison has been a highly experienced client services director working exclusively within the creative live, virtual and digital event sectors.


Rob understands the need for creative, dynamic and innovative solutions, whilst remaining very clearly focused on the bottom line.


He is passionate about creating experiences, communicating messages, building communities, and delivering excellence for clients and brands.


Kerry Adams

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Kerry Adams is an Experienced Digital and Content Producer with a demonstrated history of success in the marketing, experiential and advertising industry.


Skilled in broadcasting, video, digital innovation, content production and interactive gaming project management. 

Kerry holds a strong track record in forming exceptional production teams to deliver diverse and complex work in challenging environments. 


Chris Joyce

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Chris Joyce is a Creative Director within 3D design and experiential delivery. From high end luxury brands, to independent boutique design startups, his years as Designer, Art Director and Creative Director have led to award-winning accomplishments.

His love of ideas and their execution, coupled with a high agency pedigree gives Chris the strategic insight and leadership necessary to ensure creative success across any NFT project.


The secret to deploying a successful NFT project isn’t just about the technology itself, but a clever deployment of creatively dynamic, strategically sound  and emotionally engaging content.


As producers of award-winning campaigns this is the nftie way of thinking.

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“Sometimes change doesn’t come  for a decade, then a decade of  change comes in a year.”

Nick Beighton  - ASOS

Our Approach



You know your audience; you understand what you want them to take away from any experience. 

Nftie consider all aspects including your marketing and business objectives, advising before making any decisions on how the experience will materialise.



It’s time to get creative and  think about how your content can be more engaging and dynamic. NFT’s often see the same brief through a new lens.


Nftie look at how you can tell new stories through this new medium. We can build content that speaks directly to your audience and with our creative and  strategic thinking.



The curation of content matters. Nftie produce content in a way that  maximises the medium.

High-resolution quality and flawless execution that captures attention and engages the audience across every touchpoint. 



As NFT’s will be a new concept for many we believe that it is prudent to consider all aspects of brand and intellectual property for brands, creators, and platforms.


To protect parties on both sides of the transaction nftie is commissioning support from one of the world’s leading law-firms whose lawyers combine in-depth legal and commercial knowledge within the supply of digital services, software development, cryptocurrency, blockchain and e-commerce.


This breadth of expertise and experience will give unparalleled advice to our clients.



The playing field for NFT and Blockchain technology is daunting, Nftie can help you to bring your experience vision to life with the right partners.

We are platform agnostic, and we consider all of the tech available to make sure it is used effectively.

What is your nft story?







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